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The Sequoia Pitch Deck Template has been looked at by large numbers of start up creators which can be preparing their pitch outdoor patio.

It commenced for a uncomplicated blog post that some clever dessert turned into a simple number of glides. Sometimes the very best issues in their life are excellent easy.

Now of course, Sequoia certainly are a problem and yes they are aware of what we are discussing but no… you’re not going to become familiar with a significant volume with regards to things to basically compose and also the story you need to convey to. This can be, on the other hand, a pleasant fast browse that you should start building a framework after which to build you structure of reference point

Your back history around the Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template

So what exactly is the rear story using the pitch outdoor patio design? In Sequoia’s terms:

No distinct notion how to solution VCs or how you can craft a pitch outdoor patio.When Nate, Brian and Joe founded Airbnb, that they had an air mattresses, entrepreneurial appreciation, along with a perception for reinventing hospitality and travel>

They came across Sequoia’s guide for how to write a startup business models (u.to) plan as well as relax is history. They made a excellent outdoor patio.

But it was not actually the slides we liked-it was their tips, the understanding of their own thinking, and the scale of these aspirations. We love partnering with creators hell-curved on taking a concept to life that common knowledge deems not possible. And then we enjoy to mate early on- when a thought is freshly shaped and has the maximal room to build.

In order that they embraced their help guide pitching (with some refinements from years of use).

Investors have a very simple awareness span

Investors provides you with by far the most awareness at the start of your pitch.

When you have reserved 1 hour-longer reaching, you will definately get an hour of recognition,
A rookie error would be to believe. #stop working

The common interest period within the hour or so-lengthy conference will follow this curve most likely.

Appreciate this when you think of the concern and get on the data you want to connect to venture capitalists.

You will have 5 minutes to earn consideration throughout the assembly. This can be interesting’ they might even get in touch with a conclusion for the getting together with and say ‘come backside for those who have a lot more grip.’ Founders Like ability to hear whenever you can not find them thinking ‘Ok. Not.

To the passion for god, be sure in the first a short time buyers are superior exactly what you actually do! It’s nuts how many founders ignore to actually make it happen. You recognize your small business- other people will not!

The glides

The movement on the Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template

Company Purpose



Why Now

Market Size



Business Model


10. Financials

Company intention

Start right here: clearly define your company within a declarative phrase. This really is more difficult than it looks. It’s simple to get caught up listing capabilities as an alternative to connecting your mission.

I personally like using and by for y (Just never use Uber! ) after which a basic reason.

‘Visions’ could operate in America, nevertheless in most places brokers might believe that it is naff. Investors would prefer to have in mind the knowledge you recognized and how you may be indicating that out.

Describe the agony of your respective purchaser. How could this be sorted out nowadays and why the actual choices are completely inadequate.

The bigger the soreness point the better!

Be specific about the dilemma you happen to be fixing:

For customer ideas, look at end user demands (It is advisable to market to these people)

For organization concepts, demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s discomfort (you need to be a niche skilled)

If you fail to tell an investor there is a little something profoundly broke, they will never be keen on what your solution is to your challenge. You could have a remedy trying to find a problem… in which case, return down the road.


There are plenty of manners to method detailing the perfect solution is. Several of the facts you can street address include:

That which was your eureka time?

Why is your appeal prop exceptional and interesting?

Why can it withstand? Is there a competing moat make in such as circle outcomes?

And exactly where will it go from below? What size can this get?

You need to decide the true secret points that ultimately connect the top benefit listed here.

Why now?

Timing matters.

The top corporations in most cases possess a apparent why now? What went down in the business to create your sector to staying at an ideal time to respond upon it?

Nature hates a vacuum-so just why hasn’t your option been made before now? You can find frequently good reasons for this.

Market prospective

Can this be definitely big? What size is definitely the marketplace?

One has two tips on how to size the current market:

Top decrease

Bottom up

Plus some sizing vocabulary you should use is:




Here is an example of how you have presented it.

You should identify your purchaser and also your market place evidently. Offer an avatar in your mind.

‘If we just get 1% with the market‘ is naive. In reality, startup business models some of the best businesses invent their own personal marketplaces (think Airbnb).

If it’s a brand new current market, the ideal way to sort out this can be to describe what number of individuals or buyers there are for your merchandise/service, how this quantity grows after some time, and startup business models just how a great deal these end users/prospects will be worth (this survive piece is to be able to include price/revenue type).

If it’s an alternative industry, startup business models by way of example in which application is automating a preexisting program, then explain how massive the current industry is currently and exactly how very much you expect your means to fix reduce it, by less expensive costs. Search for about shrinking a market place and purchasing it below.

One thing to avoid should be to create huge quantities coming from a current market investigation like Gartner or Forrester but not add more any information right behind them. Airbnb accomplishes this within their outdoor patio, even though simply.

If you cannot demonstrate you have a significant market you simply will not end up very considerably. The following is why.

All people have competition. Inertia is definitely a solution.

That happen to be your immediate and indirect opponents? These include mapped in an x/y axis.

The most effective is usually to then add commentary> Alternatively, not less than show that you may have plans to win by talking to the push.

Easier to determine the many opposition than have the shareholders find out them later on. That way, you may proactively explain how you might be various. You want to command the discussion and not weaken your reliability.


Specifically ahead of time level in which you never have a lot of volumes you really want to give a demonstration.

To pre-record the demo, nevertheless
My professional recommendation is not to do this exist. Never track record your voice. Talk with the recording. Otherwise, why didn’t you only mail them a website link to look at when they want? Additionally you can pause the recording and increase further remarks on the fly and response precise questions. If wi-fi breaks or cracks and many more.

It’s not possible each time (e.g. for startup business models systems software programs), but whenever you can, a demo is definitely worth one thousand ideas. Failing screenshots, the knowning that work-flow to make the solution in existence.

Business structure

So how can you actually make funds?

The method that you handle this slide is dependent upon your enterprise version and startup business models also the point you happen to be at (you could aren’t very clear on prices but? ).

Assuming you have many different ways to earn money, never go over all of them! Select one primary method. It’s typically:

- Subscription

Ads (Ergh…)


Ideally you can add metrics here close to essential places like LTV and CAC.

From this issue, if the investor is interested, they may wish to know about the staff, so it is well worth expending a few minutes on the founders’ backdrops, accentuating any unique skills or experiences that will make them well-suited to establishing this business.

Team is crucial. Whatever else is kind of pointless without the team to complete upon it. Here is a guide so you know what an investible founding staff seems like.

I disagree along with the Sequoia Capital pitch deck web template style below although. You intend to use it beforehand when your team is awesome. It offers integrity to everything you say.

Should you be mailing satellites to room, I really like to know initially that you really worked well at NASA.

For those who never know… here is the serious cause founders usually are not financed (that doesn’t get described).

I would place advisors at the end as well as small. Plenty of people consider advisors are BS as well as your pal who consented to get involved for those lone intent behind the deck. You can add credibility by indicating they really sunk. When it is a smallish level.

I commonly never involve financial records within a pitch outdoor patio, not less than practically nothing just like a PAndL. Some Tips I concentrate on alternatively are the metrics and including expansion graphs.

You could speak about high level MRR/ARR numbers and so forth based on your small business product.

It’s straightforward to lose your own self during the figures. Sequoia recommend trying to keep it proven and just indicating on the timeline the way you would expend the cash (e.g., headcount) to get certain milestones (e.g., releasing the support). I nonetheless propose coming up with a supply and workout push which reveals just what you are increasing, how you are likely to spend it, as well as vital milestones you can accomplish with your and also it described runway.

There we go. What do you think of the Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template? Let me know within the feedback and then we can talk about them.

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